Let me tell you how you guys can check Your Facebook Account Log into Other Devices. Facebook is the biggest social network on world wide web. It connects people from all over the world.
People also put their personal information and pictures on facebook so they can easily access. For this purpose, one have to keep his facebook account safe by following some steps. One of these steps is to check if your facebook account is logged into other devices without your knowledge. Facebook provide the users full protection so we can easily check whether we are logged into some other devices unknowingly or we forget to log out from a friend’s device after logging in last week. Or sometimes a hacker steal your username and password by some hacking methodologies and he logged into your account and he can use your account for some illegal purposes, you can follow these simple steps to secure your sites from such malicious activities. 
Here is the full step by step guide to check whether your facebook account is logged into other devices of not.

Step 1:

First of all click the icon on go to settings on right side of facebook page as mention in picture


Step 2:

Then click on the setting it will lead you to set page of your facebook account.


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Step 3:

Here select “Security ” from list, it will show you the list of settings of your account, from here click on “Edit”
in front of Where “You’re Logged In” it will close a window as you can see in the picture given below.


Step 4:

From this window, you can check your login details on different devices with date, time and location.
From here if you notice any unfamiliar devices or locations, click ‘End Activity’ to end the session.
Thus your session will destroy and you will be log out of these devices. You can also click on “End All Activity” on top right corner to log out from all the devices with a single click.


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So here are the simple steps by following these steps you can secure your facebook account from malicious activities. Share this article if you want to help others in securing their facebook accounts.
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