What occurs if you take a wonderfully good neural community and, figuratively, stick a screwdriver in its mind? You get melancholy glitch-art music movies that flip speaking heads into digital puppets.

A machine studying developer named Jeff Zito made a collection of music movies utilizing a deep studying community based mostly on Face2Face. Initially developed to generate stunningly practical picture transfers, like controlling a digital Obama in real-time utilizing your personal facial actions, this mission takes it in a distinct route.

Generally one of the best AI isn’t adequate. In the case of artwork, for instance, computations and algorithms typically don’t matter as a lot as chaos and noise do. By twiddling with the community’s controls – primarily introducing less-than-optimum parameters — Zito was capable of generate stark movies that remind us of every part bizarre about Max Headroom.

We reached out to Zito to seek out out the place his inspiration got here from, he instructed us:

The intention was to create artwork, completely. Coaching these networks with hi-def photos takes days on the cloud, which sadly is just not free, so there’s not quite a lot of room to experiment in a purposeless approach. We had a couple of unsuccessful makes an attempt, which on this backwards world means producing content material that’s too correct and sterile, earlier than we began to grasp what sort of content material to make use of and the best way to put it to use successfully.


The faces within the video are the AI’s interpretation of the ‘model’ of supply movies used as enter. In a mission overview Zito describes the method:

We use image-to-image translation, as outlined first within the pix2pix paper, to create a mannequin from present footage (like an interview with Italian thinker Julius Evola or ‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves) and permit the performer to regulate and categorical themself, each by the physique and look of one other individual and thru the fragmented and distorted notion of a barely sick neural community.

The music behind the mission is from artist Lord Over who’s described by Zito as “a reclusive, considerably shy artist.” In keeping with an outline of the mission:

Themes surrounding expertise, humanity and identification are a relentless thread all through their work … we had been in search of a method to obscure their face whereas permitting them to carry out and emote as they could in actual life.

Synthetic Intelligence isn’t solely the area of the Microsofts and Googles of the world. Anybody can mess around with it as a private passion, or inventive endeavor, and nonetheless present beneficial contributions to the AI neighborhood.

And when people flip the established order on its head, by exhibiting us one thing we’ve seen earlier than in a wholly completely different approach, it helps the whole area.

These movies are nonetheless creepy AF tho.


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