In case your pal goes via a troublesome time, do you’re feeling dangerous for him, or do you’re feeling badly?

Appropriate reply: You are feeling dangerous for him.

That is a type of instances the place the inaccurate grammar is so extensively used that the proper development sounds improper. Or perhaps individuals really feel just like the longer phrase is…fancier, form of like how one may say make the most of as a substitute of use.

Fast primer: Dangerous is an adjective; badly is an adverb. Adjectives modify nouns, and adverbs modify verbs, so that you perhaps you had a foul cup of espresso this morning after which behaved badly when somebody lower you off in site visitors.

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So since really feel is a verb, shouldn’t it’s badly? Nope, and right here’s why: Really feel is a linking verb. Let’s go the dictionary.

Linking verbs aren’t like common motion verbs. They perform solely to attach the topic of a sentence or clause with phrases that describe or determine that topic. And people phrases are both adjectives (or adjective phrases) or nouns (or noun phrases).

There are a selection of linking verbs in English, amongst them be, develop into, appear, and all the sensory verbs: scent, look, style, sound, and really feel.

You may say, for instance, these cookies style scrumptious! You wouldn’t say these cookies style deliciously. That will suggest the cookies are doing the tasting, which, in the event you’re tripping, okay, however it doesn’t actually work in day-to-day life.

As Grammar Woman factors out, linking verbs “describe feelings or states of being,” and require extra delicate dealing with than your common motion verb. “To be” is the queen of all linking verbs, and also you don’t say, “I’m badly” after you eat the cookies, you say “I’m dangerous.” (Why so arduous on your self? It’s the vacations.)

Should you have been to really feel badly, you’ll be doing the act of feeling—actually touching/groping somebody or one thing—badly. I’m having bother pondering of a superb instance sentence, however right here’s my finest shot: Within the pitch darkish, I felt my approach badly across the room. However even that I in all probability wouldn’t write, as a result of it sounds awkward. (Higher examples? Hit me within the feedback.)

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Right here’s the place it will get tough: Many linking verbs are additionally motion verbs. So after a bout with the flu, you may get up one morning and say “I really feel robust immediately!” However you may really feel strongly about whether or not to brush first or floss first.

“Really feel badly,” Merriam-Webster factors out, is an instance of grammatical hypercorrection—individuals so need to get it proper that they yank the grammatical wheel too arduous within the different course. (A rival dictionary reminds us that “between you and I” is one other instance of hypercorrection.)

Is that form of clear? I might really feel dangerous if it weren’t.


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