We already know that for numerous customers, iOS 11.1 makes media playback stutter, breaks audio management on the lock display, and autocorrects the phrase “I” to an unrecognizable character. However there’s extra! It additionally breaks the Calculator app.

Why You Nonetheless Shouldn’t Obtain iOS 11 on an Older iPhone

When iOS 11 first dropped, we warned you to attend earlier than updating your iPhone. Two weeks later, it…

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For a lot of customers, the Calculator app on iOS 11.1 is so gradual that it doesn’t register all of your button presses. For instance, as tech weblog Choose All factors out, in the event you kind 1+2+three=, your reply can be 24, not 6. That’s as a result of the calculator doesn’t register the + quick sufficient, so it reads your enter as 1+23. To keep away from this in Calculator, it’s important to kind very slowly.

Till Apple fixes this, skip Calculator altogether. Strive these calculators as a substitute:

The drop-down search bar works nice, and shows your total equation, a function that basically must be included within the Calculator app.Google’s iOS keyboard solves math equations proper within the autocorrect bar.Pay $three for the calculator app Soulver. It helps you to view and edit your total equation, and even reserve it for later. (Soulver’s $12 Mac app does the identical; I’ve relied on it for years.)Should you want a scientific calculator, software program evaluate web site The Candy Setup recommends PCalc.Hearken to the unapproved commenters on each Proinertech iPhone put up, and swap to Android.

Hopefully iOS 11.2 will repair all these embarrassing bugs, or no less than exchange them with thrilling new ones.


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