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There is no such thing as a such factor as “leftover cheese” however, if you’re a cheese collector similar to myself, you in all probability end up with little nubs and ends of assorted dairy treasures. You can hold making more and more tiny cheese plates, or you could possibly make fromage fort, also called “snobby DIY Boursin.”

That is a part of Consuming Trash With Claire, a Proinertech collection the place Claire Decrease convinces you to rework your kitchen scraps into one thing edible and scrumptious.

Give up Storing Your Cheese In Plastic Wrap

It’s very simple to get excited on the cheese counter, and that pleasure can result in buying…

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“Fromage fort” is French for “sturdy cheese,” and it’s maybe certainly one of my favourite spreads to make. It’s type of a cheese select your personal journey scenario, with a special—however all the time scrumptious—final result every time. There aren’t any actual guidelines right here, you simply want cheese, wine, garlic, butter, and a few herbs (in case you have them).

Right here we’ve some goat, slightly taleggio, some Cabot cheddar, and a little bit of Viamala.

Begin by eradicating any inedible rinds and reducing the softer cheeses into small (1/2-inch or so) cubes. Grate the more durable cheeses and add all the things to the bowl of your meals processor, together with some wine, a few tablespoons of butter, a garlic clove or two, and some sprigs of herb (parsley works finest). You don’t must measure, however for eight ounces of cheese, I like to make use of:

1 ounce of white wine2 tablespoons of butter1 garlic cloveA few sprigs of parsley

In fact, don’t really feel restricted by any of the above. Need slightly tang in your fromage? Add a dollop of bitter cream or creme fraiche. Not feeling white wine? Add crimson, and even port; your cheese will nonetheless style scrumptious, and it is going to be very fairly. Heck, a splash or vermouth wouldn’t suck both. For those who want some sweetness, drizzle in honey, or add a tablespoon of dried cranberries. There actually is not any flawed method to do that, and don’t you let anybody let you know in a different way.

Anyway. As soon as all the things is within the bowl, pulse all of it collectively till you’ve a cohesive unfold, scraping the edges of the bowl as wanted to ensure all the things is sweet and clean. You may serve it instantly, let it agency up within the fridge, and even roll it right into a cheese ball. Fromage fort is nice on crackers, chips, and breads (particularly if broiled), however I’m a giant fan of smearing it on radishes. (Not for well being causes; I simply actually like radishes.)


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