Have you ever listen to hidden features of google? Here I come with an article on top hidden features of google. Google is the most useful site among all the sites available on world wide web. Almost everyone knows about its amazing features. The popularity of google is due to its largest database in the world. Google provides its users with all kinds of stuff they need. PDF files, videos, audios and much more stuff is there to fulfill user’s need. But many of users only get 3% of google’s power; the only expert can use the google in an efficient way. This article contains some hidden features of google that a normal user doesn’t know, but one must know how to use these feature to complete their tasks instantly.

1. Pacman

Getting tired of your routine jobs.? Want to have some fun.?
Just type “paceman” in Google search bar, Google will provide you with paceman game. Play the game and have fun.

2.Zerg Rush

Type zerg rush in a search bar and play the game. This game is created by Google. It contains small characters ‘o’. These characters destroy the search result if the user doesn’t click the search result with a mouse pointer.

3. Input handwriting for Google Translator

You can use handwriting in google translator.Visit it, at the bottom, left the side of the text box, click the pencil button and write the character by hand.

4. Geometrical shapes solution

Google is providing a direct solution to geometrical shapes such as the circle, triangle, ellipse, trapezoid, rectangle. To solve a shape just type “solve” and the name of any shape next to it. You can also choose to solve area, gamma, sides, perimeter.

5. Google Tip Calculator

Are you weak in math and don’t know much about calculation.? Don’t need to worry anymore. Google is here even providing you the feature of tip calculation at the restaurant. By using this feature one can easily and promptly calculate the tip for his waiter. The user just needs to enter the total amount, a number of people contributing, tip percentage and it will calculate for him. This is mainly suitable for people having weak math skills.


6.Weather Forecast

Want to know about the weather of your city.? An amazing feature is here for you. Just type “city name forecast” in the search bar will tell you about the weather of your’s city.

7.Sunrise and Sunset

You can check the sunrise and sunset timing of your city by only using the Google search bar. Check the screenshot given below and follow the guideline you will come to know the exact timing of sunset and sunrise of your city.

8.Google Timer

Google timer is providing the facility for calculation of time. You can fix a particular time, and it will start to count down. It is also providing the facility of a stopwatch to its users.

9.Translating Languages

Users can easily translate one language into another language by using Google translation. Google translation is a fantastic feature. One can easily translate his language into almost any other language of the world.


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10.Graph Generating

Now you can quickly generate the graph. Just simply type your require graph, Google will draw a graph for you with in no time. Given below is the screenshot of this feature that may help you in understanding it more quickly.

11.Units into Quantities

Apart from currency users can also do the conversion of units into quantities. There are many categories available for conversion i-e temperature, mass, area, volume, speed, length, time, digital storage, fuel consumption.


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12. Atari Breakout

This is one of the most unusual features of Google. Have you ever play atari breakout? If no, then Google is here for you to provide you with a beautiful feature of playing this game. Just type atari breakout in Google search bar and click any image in the search result, the game will start. Play the game and have fun. 🙂

13.Google Calculator

Google calculator is providing its users with the quick calculation of numbers and trigonometric values. Just simply typed into the search bar as given in picture, it will make a quick calculation for you.

14.Pronouncing Big Numbers

Have you ever face some problems while pronouncing big number in your school times. If yes then this issue is no more exist. Now you can easily pronounce big number by using a search bar.

15.Currency Conversion

Google currency converter is available on the internet to convert your currency to another currency, but you can also just type current currency name and the currency name to whom you want to convert your currency. It will promptly convert it for you.


Ahann! Finally done with this the article. When I come to know about these hidden features, I was surprised. I just made a firm determination at that time to share with these functions in the form of a complete article. Hope it will help you in further exploring the world of technology. Share with your friends and let them know about these hidden features of Google. 


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