The Linksys EA8100-AH is designed for residences crammed with congested Wi-Fi networks.

Aloysius Low/Proinertech

When you’re all the time moaning about how sluggish your Wi-Fi at house is, the issue could not truly be your ISP, particularly when you reside in an condo advanced.

With numerous different Wi-FI networks combating for frequency area, your Wi-Fi sign is not getting via to you cleanly, leading to a slower pace. With that in thoughts, the brand new Linksys EA8100-AH dual-band AC2600 ought to do the trick.

The router comes packing Dynamic Frequency Choice (DFS) certification, which lets it function in six channels at 80MHz, that are usually not utilized by different routers out there, and if it detects radar interference, will change to a safer channel seamlessly.

When you do not reside close to a army base or an airport, then the probabilities of the routers switching to a extra standard Wi-Fi channel can be uncommon, and you will be on the uncongested Wi-Fi channels for sooner speeds.

Linksys confirmed off a demo the place there appeared to be a particular enchancment when the router was utilizing a much less congested channel. It was about twice as quick, although we’ll be placing this to the check later. Based mostly on specs alone, the AC2600 router’s marketed speeds will get you as much as 800Mbps on 2.4GHz and 1,733Mbps on 5GHz.

There are 4 Gigabit LAN ports, one USB port and one USB port.

Aloysius Low/Proinertech

Relying on your property arrange and the place the router is positioned and what number of concrete metal partitions lie between your gadget and the router, protection might not be nearly as good as a mesh community (particularly one utilizing a wired backhaul).

Fortunately the EA8100-AH comes with Max-Stream expertise, so you should utilize one other Max-Stream router in entry level (AP) mode and the handoff between networks needs to be seamless.

The S$329 (about $280, £180 and AU$325 transformed) Linksys EA8100-AH can be debuting first in Singapore Thursday (which has numerous condo complexes), and can roll out to the remainder of the world quickly. It won’t be offered on retailer cabinets for now — as a substitute it is solely obtainable (for some time) via a package deal take care of native service StarHub.

Fast specs

Twin-band AC2600Dynamic Frequency SelectionProcessor: 880MHz Twin-Core MIPS1004kcMemory: 128MB Flash, 256MB DDRAntenna: 4


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