The awfulness of Black Friday has handed. Now, we’re into the awfulness of the (really porny-sounding) Cyber Monday. To divert our collective consideration spans from the myriad of web sites attempting to get our cash, Mozilla is operating its first-ever “Obtain-A-Thon” alongside Open Sign, a public TV station from Portland, Oregon.

What’s a “Obtain-A-Thon” you ask? Nothing. Mozilla actually simply made it up for the needs of this occasion.

It sounds fascinating although. The occasion takes place from 12PM Pacific Time, and runs for simply shy of ten hours. Mozilla plans to broadcast the download-a-thon over Fb Stay, and it guarantees to be fairly bizarre: there’ll be consuming contests the place the viewers can vote for what’s on the menu, an interpretive dance competitors, and an improv comedy phase.

We don’t know way more both, however might become cool. Particularly if it retains us from spending hard-earned money on dumb shit.

Mozilla calls this an “an oasis within the midst of the Cyber Monday madness,” including:

Simply maintain one tab open to the Obtain-A-Thon and when it appears like your complete web is a used automotive salesman attempting to bully you out of each greenback, you’ll have an ad-free sanctuary to go chuckle and unwind.

Simply maintain one tab open and while you realized with a shudder that you just simply spent your final Bitcoin, you’ll have a spot to go that hearkens again to a time when the web was about questionable inexperienced screens and harmless doggo memes, not commerce.

Simply maintain one tab open and when your boss walks by you’ll be only one click on away from making it appear to be you’ve been watching a pace consuming contest, not looking for ornamental Nicolas Cage pillows (that are an actual factor for actual)

Take into account our curiosity piqued. You may learn extra about it on the Firefox weblog, and tune in right here.


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