Loudly slurping ramen noodles is taken into account regular in Japan. However when you’re not in Japan, or simply choose to be slightly extra discreet about your eating, there is a answer.

Japanese instant-ramen big Nissin, maker of Prime Ramen and Cup Noodles (previously Cup O’ Noodles within the U.S.), has invented the Otohiko fork, a noise-canceling fork that hides slurping sounds with assist from customers’ smartphones.

Sensors within the fork detect slurping. The fork sends a sign to the diner’s smartphone, which masks the sounds by enjoying white noise or different soothing sounds. (Watch the above video for a wacky demonstration.)

Solely probably the most vehement slurping haters are probably to purchase one in all these high-tech utensils. The forks value $130 every and solely 5,000 are being made. And the restricted run will solely be made if sufficient of the forks are pre-ordered.

We will consider at the least one good use for one: Drax the Destroyer may’ve benefited from an Otohiko fork in that one terrible soup-slurping scene in advertisements for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”

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