Unread counts are lifeless. Lengthy dwell Dynamic Badges!

For a protracted, very long time, I hated unread counts on Android residence screens. They had been typically inaccurate, they did not all the time go away when you acted on them, and above all, they had been unforgivably ugly on any residence display screen theme. Lately, notification badges are rather less ugly and a little bit extra constant, however the notification badges on Android Oreo aren’t the most effective to be discovered.

No, no, that honor belongs to Dynamic Badges on Nova Launcher.

You see these dots? Me neither.

Dynamic Badges are precisely that — vibrant, artistic, and never boring.

Dynamic Badges got here to Nova Launcher this previous spring, they usually have just a few distinct benefits over Android Oreo’s native equal. Before everything, they’re extra vibrant. Oreo’s notification badges decide a colour for his or her badges from the icon that it will be sitting on prime of, which implies that more often than not, these dots mix into the icon slightly than standing out and reminding you to verify your notifications.

Dynamic Badges will pull a colour from the app’s notification or pull a picture from the notification, such because the profile pic of somebody who messages you, permitting them to face out towards most icons, particularly if you happen to’re utilizing icon packs with restricted colour palettes.

This additionally implies that notification badges can give you info whereas standing out, by telling you who’s pinging you earlier than you open the notification shade or the app. I can see a dynamic badge from my boss and see that I must reply to him rapidly, or I can see a dynamic badge of a creeper I am attempting to keep away from and ignore it. Dynamic Badges additionally work for media apps, giving me the album artwork of my presently enjoying music in Google Play Music or the thumbnail of the brand new video from one in all my subscriptions on YouTube.

By being extra vibrant and extra informative, Dynamic Badges have helped me see the worth of unread badges and helped me hold issues clear and useful on my many residence display screen themes. If there’s a draw back to Dynamic Badges, it is that in case you have a number of badges in a folder, slightly than getting the person photos or colours, you get a mini-folder of app icons in your folder icon telling you which ones apps within the folder have notifications. It is a small flaw, however it’s nonetheless much better than boring, primary dots.

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