The mutinous Michael Burnham is performed by Sonequa Martin-Inexperienced.


Welcome aboard the Discovery. 

Episode three of the brand new Star Trek present lastly introduces the starship of the title, however this brings solely extra mysteries.

“Star Trek: Discovery” is on the market now on CBS All Entry within the US and on Netflix world wide. Within the third episode, “Context is for Kings”, the primary character, Michael Burnham, finds her jail sentence for mutiny interrupted when she encounters the united statesDiscovery and its captain, Gabriel Lorca. These are the questions we’re asking ourselves after watching the episode. (Disclosure: CBS is Proinertech’s mum or dad firm.)

Be warned: Gentle spoilers forward.

What occurred to the shuttle pilot?

It is strongly hinted that Captain Lorca arrange Burnham’s jail switch so as to shanghai her into service aboard the Discovery. Burnham’s fellow prisoners are rapidly despatched on their means as if nothing’s occurred, however what in regards to the shuttle pilot? She stepped exterior to repair the Species GS54 space-bug infestation and was by no means seen once more. Please inform us that Lorca did not let her float off into area whereas he was busy handing out fortune cookies.

Was that the good introduction of a starship ever?

It all the time will get us proper there when the music swells and we swoop over the curves of the united statesEnterprise because it rests in spacedock. However the introduction to the Discovery tops that, looming over us to avoid wasting the day in a miasma of neon pink and turquoise space-clouds. Epic stuff.

What’s Commander Landry’s drawback?

Inside moments of arriving on the Discovery, the ship’s safety chief has referred to the prisoners as “rubbish” and “animals”, to not point out dissing Burnham’s expertise with Vulcan martial artwork Suus Mahna. Charming.

The sinister Captain Gabriel Lorca is performed by a flinty Jason Isaacs.

James Dimmock/CBS Interactive
Who’re the black badges?

The Discovery is filled with secrets and techniques. The ship is able to internet hosting 300 completely different scientific initiatives. A few of them are locked away behind closed doorways as Captain Lorca makes an attempt to co-opt benign analysis for navy functions. This episode provides us a glimpse of the  mysterious black-badge-wearing troops guarding these secrets and techniques, suggesting there are extra layers to be revealed as we observe the results of Lorca’s actions.

How far will the crew go?

On the coronary heart of the dynamic aboard the Discovery is the conflict of beliefs between the crew of scientists and its military-minded captain. Engineer Lt. Stamets laments being pressured to proceed his analysis below “warmonger” Lorca, however proceed he does. Lorca clearly exhibits he isn’t inquisitive about abiding by the utopian rules of the Federation, which implies he is prone to make calls for of the crew that can run opposite to their peace-loving philosophy. We anticipate the drama of the present to come back from seeing how far the characters will go to additional the captain’s ends. 

Cadet Tilly, performed by Mary Wiseman, has ambitions for her future in Starfleet.

James Dimmock/CBS Interactive

For instance, beneath her bubbly, nervous exterior, Cadet Tilly exhibits a streak of ambition when she tells Burnham she intends to be a captain sometime. If Lorca performs on that ambition, it might take Tilly to some darkish locations. 

What are Lorca’s plans for the monster?

Beaming aboard an deserted ship to sort out an unidentified alien menace is likely one of the oldest Trek tropes within the e book. However this darkish and gory encounter performs out extra like an “Alien” film — full with people who suppose they will harness the lethal creature even after it is torn up a whole starship. Additionally, the place did the monster come from? Is it a by-product of the Glenn’s experiments with natural spores?

What did Stamets simply say?

Basidiosac? Panspermia? Stamets takes Trek technobabble to new heights.

What did Captain Lorca simply say?

Stamets is not the one character in want of a common translator. We’re large followers of the steely-eyed British actor Jason Isaacs, however we did must make use of the rewind button throughout multiple of his scenes. I am undecided how the Discovery crew can perform Captain Lorca’s orders when he is chewing by his Southern American accent. 



Fortunately for any aliens watching, Netflix gives Klingon subtitles.

A number of remaining questions:After the Glenn, will the Klingons goal the Discovery?Will we ever meet Ensign Chiefowitz, whose title is known as over the comm system? How come Lorca can simply ask the pc to move him in regards to the place? Would you step right into a sinister sealed experiment chamber if Jason Isaacs requested you to? Do Vulcans say “shit”?Does the breath scan nonetheless work after just a few beers?What’s with all of the snacking?

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