World wide web is providing content related to all aspect of life.Internet is revolutionizing the world rapidly , our physical life is turning into machine life. There are also some cool and amazing websites. 
People from all over the world are there using internet for different purpose. Here in this article we will discuss about “Top 10 Amazing and Funny Websites on Internet”.

#1: HackerTyper

HackerTyper is providing the facility for normal computer users to type like a hacker.
Just visit the hackerTyper site it will display balck screen with blue font, type something randomly from keyboard . Press alt button, it will
display “Access Granted” . Go and visit HackerTyper to surprise your friends with this cool trick 😉 Go and explore this one of amazing websites.


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We often hear about cyber attack from one countries on another countries, now you can examine the map of these hacking attacks by visiting “”. This website show the map of live hacking attacks world wide. Visit this one of amazing websites and have fun.



#3: EvoziDownloader

Now you can easily download your android apps to your PC too. Simply copy the google play app url link and
paste it in the box on EvojiDownloader website and download your required app to your PC.


#4: GTMetrix

GTMetrix website test the working and speed of any website. If you are owner at any website and facing some problems in page loading or any
other issue then simply visit GTMetrix and paste your’s site link into the box, GTMetrix will not only tell you the real problem with your site, it will
also tell you about the appropriate solution to your problem. Go and visit one of amazing websites. 


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Here is another one of amazing websites. This site will show you the fake window updates on your PC .
Well , if a friend of your is forcing you to watch some movies but you are so busy in your semester project then you can make your friend fool by showing him fake windows updates , “Oh my computer has started
windows updates it will take 1 to 2 hours to complete the updates” . 😉
i am sure your freind will walk away by saying “i should go somewhere else” 😉




Here is nother addition to amazing websites. This website will tell you the ip address of your PC . Simply visit this site and , the site will show you your ip address without taking any time of yours.


#7: Down For Everyone or Just Me

Sometime you visite a site of your choice but you can’t access the site, may be it is due to limited internet connection or any other issue or there be a possiblily of server down, now you can
check weather the site you are visiting is down or up . Just visit “” and paste your require domain name into the box , it will give you the exact information weather the site is up or down.


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VirusTotal is a free online virus scanner. If you receive a suspecious file from friend or any unknown source and you want to check it online weather it is a malware or normal file . Go and visit VirusTotal, just upload the
file on this site and will scan the file for you . So be sure to test your files before opening it by visiting “”.


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#9 Date to Date Calculator

Now you can easily calculate your age by simply visiting “” . This site will calculate your exact age . You can also calculate date to date days by using this site. just visit this one of amazing websites and check the fun.


#10 . Fake Name Generator

If you want to generate a fake id just visite this site . This site will let you create any random id of any person from any part of world. So, if you want to create any random fake id of any random person
then you must visit one of amazing websites  “”.



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