What is a web application?

In computing, a web application is a software for performing different tasks. It is a client-side software run by a client in his web browser.
A web application can be use by a normal computer user as it does not require any installation process, it just require a web browser for processing. Common web applications include online auctions, wikis, instant messaging services webmail, online shopping,  and many other functions. We will study in detail web application advantages, disadvantages, development phases, and catogries of web application below in this article

Advantages of client server Network

Centralization is a process by which planning and decision-making of an organization are concentrated in one group or location. Centralization has advantages and disadvantages, and it doesn’t always refer to politics.

Proper Management

Proper management plays an important role in web application development and working.
If mangament of the web application does not carry out properly the web application can’t perform his tasks properly. So, the data on a web application manage and store with proper management. Users can easily interact with the web application.

Back up and Recovery

A proper and successful web application must have an option for back up and recovery . The developer must follow a process which one is most suitable for future working of web application and in case of any disruption, database issues or data lost the user can easily recover his data. The web application are providing its users with back up and recovery of their data in case of any server disruption.


The web application are providing an easy access for both the administrator and customers or viwersl.Its user interface is user friendly and interactive. The developer work on web application by keeping the users of web application in mind. The developer try to code in such a way to make the web application cross platform , so that users can use the application with comfort. Morever a web application does not require any installation process which make them easy to use and easy to access.


Security is the key feature for the web application, all the web application on world wide web provide its users with security and comfort. The have to build a trust from community side by ensuring them to use their web application without any risk.

Disadvantages of Client Server Architecture

Apart from advantages web server also has some disadvantages.

1.Congestion in server

Congestion is the reduce quality of server that occurs when a node of network carry more data than it can handle.
We can say the server is down when the traffic on web application cross the specific limit.

2.Failure of server

Sometime there could be DDOS attack on web application that could cause the failure of server and web application will be out of access. Failure of server can also be caused by the heavy traffic on web application.

3.High Cost

Web applications are high costly in some cases. After completing development cost the users have to purchase domain name and hosting. There are also many other factores like security, maintainance, promotion etc.
Morever for creating a professional web application we have to borrow some IT experts which cost high.

4.IT professionals requires

For creating a secure and well standard web application we required IT prfessionals. IT professionals are expert and experienced people in IT field. For creating a professional web application one must have to contact an expert and in some cases we don’t have any IT expert in our area. In this case we have to borrow the expert from other erea. The user have to pay high cos.

5.Risk of Security

There is always a risk of security in web application even big companies like Microsoft, Google , Facebook and Paypal etc are also facing security issues.
Ofcoarse the world of technology has lots of good guys but at the same time Hackers (the bad guys) are there to attack your system and compromise your web application. So, the risk of security is one of the main issues in today’s web applications.


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Development phases of web application

Formulation of the problem

First of all, we have to study and understand the problem thoroughly and formulate it into a proper way. In next phases, the developer has to follow the formulation formed in this phase.


After understanding and formulating the problem the developer start working on planning phase. Planning phase is the most important part during development of a web application . A proper planning is the key to a successful web application. If developer plan properly for a project a lot of issues can be solved and developer will have a clear idea of his project before starting development of project.

WebApp requirements analysis

After planning phase the team of developers analyzes the requirement for the projects. After analyzing the requirements the team designs the estimated cost and time required for the project. They divide the work into team members according to their expertise in this phase.
Architectural, navigational, and interface design
After dividing the work into team members the member starts working on the project. The architecture, navigation, and interface are designed by the different member and they merge the work of different people in a comment project. Thus the development of web application is almost done in this phase.

System implementation

After completing the project the developer starts working on its implementation.

Tools and languages associated with the Web

Here is another important thing in web application development , Tools and Languages.
a bundle of tools and languages are there available in market and it is the priority of developers to choose a tool or language according to their requirements. Web hosting is also the part of tools . A proper web hosting can play a key role in the success of a web application working.

Establish Configuration management, quality control, and maintenance mechanisms

After implementing the web application the developer or user also have to maintain the application, they also have to keep in mind the maintainance and possible changes in web application after implementation. Configuration management also contains revision control.

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Web Application Catogries

Some of the catogries of web applictions are given below.


This type of web application provides news and information related to the specific topic. For example, my our blog on technology proinertech.com is providing news related to technology.


Web applications are also providing the facility to its users of downloading different items and products. Different websites related to torrent is the best example of downloads web application.


A web application that connects different people and provides the opportunity of communication with different people around the world. Facebook is one of this type of web applications.

User input

This type of web applications provides the facility of interaction to people with the website.
Facebook, Twitter etc is the example of user input web applications.


This type of web applications provides transaction facility to users. For example online bank transaction application.


In this type of web applications, the owner of the website provides different services to its users.


Online portals are the source for different companies, education institutes, and organization to store the details of the employee of the company and the students of education institutes.

Data warehousing

Data warehousing is storing data on web applications by using the cloud.
Alots of websites are there on world wide web providing the facility to its users for storing their data on web. They user have to create his account and then he can access his data by logging in to his account any time any where in the world.

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