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The Powerball jackpot at present sits at $460 million, one of many largest ever. However the pot isn’t that large—even in case you purchased each mixture, you’d lose out, by lots.

There are 292,201,338 attainable Powerball quantity combos. Every ticket prices $2, that means you’d want greater than $584.four million to assure a victory. Should you consider that the lump sum of right this moment’s drawing is $291 million, you’d be spending rather less than double your pre-tax winnings.

What’s a greater manner? Properly, If I knew I wouldn’t be working at Proinertech, writing this text. However, does monitor the most typical numbers pulled, so you would give these a shot. You could possibly purchase a couple of tickets to (ever so barely) improve your odds, have an workplace pool, or let a pc decide numbers for you.

Or you would simply ignore Powerball. Once more, the chances are 1 in 292.2 million single ticket will win. You’d be higher off investing your $2—assuming a 6.6% charge of return, you’d find yourself with $four in 10 years. That’s double your cash!


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