In this part, we are going to learn about installation of PHP and MySQL i.e. Xampp installation on windows.
Here is what  Wikipedia saying about Xampp.

xampp wiki

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Here are the general requirement for installing PHP on windows.

  • Apache web server

Apache is the most widely used web server in PHP development. A web server listens for page request from the web browser. It serves a page back to the browser as a response.

  • PHP

The recent version of PHP is 7.0.13. The process of installing PHP on any version of windows is very similar.

  • MySQL Database

The latest version of MySQL is best suitable for your requirements.

  • Text Editor

We will need a text editor for writing our code. You guys can use any text editor of your choice. I will use Sublime Text.

  • Browser

A browser is required to execute the PHP code. I am using Google Chrome. You guys can also use Firefox or any other of your choice. 


Now let’s discuss the installation process. We need a software like Wamp or Xampp for installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

Xampp or Wamp server is all in one built in package, that contains all three of these.
We will work on Xampp server. Xampp supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.




  Downloading and installing Xampp

  • Xampp

In Xampp, X stands for cross-platform i.e. it supports windows, mac, and Linux operating systems. A for Apache, m for MySQL, and P for PHP.


It can be downloaded from here. Visit the site and download Xampp server for your system. Install a Xampp that is compatible with your system and PHP.

After downloading the Xampp server to your system click on the setup to install it.



xampp installation





xampp installation2

Choose the location on your system. C drive is by default drive for installing Xampp. You guys can install it in another drive of your choice. 



xampp installation3


I have installed it in C drive of my system.


xampp installation4


Click next, here you can check the box if you want to learn about bitnami. You can also leave it blank.


xampp installation5

Click on the small icon on the lower right corner of your windows screen. Here you can check either the Xampp icon is visible or not.

Here is the screenshot.

xampp installation6


Now we will check in our browser whether our recently installed Xampp server is working correctly.
Open your browser and write localhost. It must redirect you to the following page.

xampp installation

If you are seeing the above page then you have successfully installed your Xampp server.

On left side of this page, you can check all the info related to Xampp server including PHP. 


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