Clipping nails, particularly thick toenails, typically results in an undesirable acrobatic efficiency. Nail bits go flying in all places, by no means to be seen once more. Right here’s how one can cease that.

What Your Nails Can Inform You About Your Well being

Your fingernails and toenails could be stunning indicators of what’s happening inside your physique. In…

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Nails might really feel exhausting, however after soaking in a bit of water they turn into far more malleable—one thing I had by no means considered till I noticed triscuitsareforever’s tip on Reddit. If you happen to wait to clip your nails till after your bathe, your nails will simply gently fall away out of your fingers right into a pile as a substitute of trying to flee the Earth’s ambiance.

I made a decision to do that whereas I used to be bored in a lodge room over the weekend and it completely labored! Now, whereas this may occasionally have been revelatory for me, it’s in all probability nothing new to those that have had a manicure or pedicure. Pre-soaking is seemingly fairly normal, however I had no thought! Hopefully some others discover this quite simple, not-so-secret tip as helpful as I’ve.


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