Do you know what is cloud computing? Already know? Then let me heighten your knowledge of cloud computing. The revolution in technology is increasing day by day. The latest technology is providing efficiency, reliability to the people around the world. Different services available on the internet are helping the people World Wide.

 The World Wide Web is the main platform that providing these services to its users through user generated content. People around the world are contributing to making the internet a more reliable and secure place. In this article, we will learn about cloud computing, its ability of data storing, and working.

Cloud computing is the process of utilizing the web application over the internet. It allows an online creation, configuration, and customization of an application. 

By using cloud computing users can access a specific data at any time around the world by using the internet connection. It helps the users in managing the data online.

Cloud computing is providing the facility of ease and comfort to its users. People around the world are using cloud computing to accomplish their group tasks, for education purpose and many more activities.


The word cloud is used in reference to a “Network” that is available in a remote location. The people around the world can access it over the network. The cloud can be accessed by using public or private networks like VAN, LAN, and VPN.

Applications like E-mail, web conferencing, team viewers and much more all run in the cloud.

Working on Cloud computing

The cloud computing work on the basis of certain model and services. These services are helping the cloud computing in providing feasibility, accessibility, and efficiency to its users.
It works on the basis of the following models.

1. Deployment Modal

2. Service Modal

1. Deployment Modal

This model helps us in determining the location or access to cloud over the internet. It tells us, How the cloud is located? There is four type of access:

1. Public Cloud

   The public cloud provides the access of different cloud services to the general users. It is openly available to all users. So, there is a security risk to the users of public cloud users.

E-mail and online image storing sites are the examples of the public cloud.

2. Private Cloud

    A private cloud provides the access to different cloud services within the organization. The use of private cloud is only within the organization. It provides security to its users due to its private nature.

3. Community Cloud

It allows a group of the organization to access the services over the network. The different organization can manage a common cloud over the network to share and access their resources.

4. Hybrid Cloud

 The mixture of the public and private cloud is called a hybrid cloud. In a hybrid cloud, public cloud helps in performing critical activities. On the other hand, private cloud helps in performing non-critical activities.

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2. Service Modal

  The reference model on which the cloud computing is based is called service model.

There are three basic service models given below:

1. Infrastructure as a service

         IaaS(Infrastructure as a service) is an on-demand scalable service to deliver a technology infrastructure.

It provides access to fundamental resources such as physical machines, virtual machine, virtual storage etc.

IaaS can be combined with managed services for operating system and application support. 

2. Platform as a service

  PaaS(Platform As a Service) provides the runtime environment for applications, development and deployment tools, etc.

It provides all the resources required to support the complete life cycle of development and deployment of web applications and services entirely from the internet.

3. Software as a service

  SaaS(Software as a service) model the facility to use web applications as a service to end users.

 It is a software delivery methodology that provides licensed access to software and its functions remotely as a web-based service.


Advantages of cloud computing

  1. It provides lower computer course.
  2. Also, help in improving performance.
  3. It reduces the cost of software.
  4. Cloud computing provides unlimited data storage.
  5. It also helps in improving data reliability.
  6. Software available on cloud network can be updated instantly.
  7. Cloud computing support software that is machine independent.
  8. Group can collaborate easily by using cloud computing.
  9. Cloud computing provide the availability of the latest version of software.
  10. Cloud computing helps in improving document format compatibility.



  1. User needs a constant internet connection.
  2. It requires a high-speed connection. Cloud computing does not work well with low-speed connections.
  3. The features might be limited.
  4. The functionality can be slow due to limited access to the internet. 
  5. Data stored on cloud network can be lost.
  6. The working on the cloud is not secure.
  7. Hackers can steal the user’s data on the cloud.



You guys can also download a cloud-based app. The app will be available on your computer. The users will be allowed to store the data on the app.

Whenever the device will connect to the internet, it will sync with the cloud. Thus the user can access cloud network from any part of the world.

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Top Cloud Computing Companies

1. Google.
2. Microsoft.
3. Citrix.
4. Joyent.
5. Amazon.
6. IBM.
7. Salesforce.
8. CenturyLink
9. Rackspace
10. Verizon Terremark


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