codeigniter is a MVC framework use for development in PHP. MCV is a design pattern. If you guys don’t know about design pattern, then let me clear. Design pattern is the part of every programming language. It guide us how can we manage code in a project. MVC is one of the design patterns. MVC stands for Modal View Controller, it is particularly suitable for web development. Modal contain backend and all functionality of a system. View is related to Front end of system. Controller control the communication between modal and view.

Framework is a connection of reusable library. We have to create different library for reusing and properly managing our codes and this combination of libraries is called a framework.

Why Codeigniter?

Codigniter is a product of “EllisLab” company.It is the most use PHP frmework in world and its popularity is increasing day by day.
Codigniter is a light weight free PHP framework. It is noob friendly framework, even a normal PHP user can start working on it. One of the reasons behind its noob frinedly is the most of its programes are from medium to low size. Codigniter has a simple and user friendly documentation. All the content related to Codigniter available on its official website.


Codeigniter can be easily installed on local server . For installing codiegniter one must have installed XAMPP, WAMP or any other local server.  

In my case i will use XAMPP as i have already have it installed in my PC. Installation is quite simple . You just need to go to Codeigniter official website and download Codeigniter version of your choice .

Click here  to download Codiegniter set up. 




After downloading zip file of codiegniter from its website save it in htdoacs folder of XAMPP in C: Drive of your PC. Now unzip this file in same folder . After unzipping you will find the following folder, in my case it is given below.



Click on this folder it will lead you to sub directories and files . 




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Now open XAMPP server in your browser to access the files in C: Driver.


Here your installation has completed, enjoying coding with codiegniter Framework and don’t forget to share with your friends.


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