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Anticipating some overindulgence this New Yr’s Eve? Plan forward: There’s a intelligent new anti-hangover vitamin complement known as Over EZ. It’s designed to assist take a number of the sting out of the morning after once you’ve completed an excessive amount of consuming the night time earlier than. Granted, Over EZ received’t cease you from getting drunk, feeling the excitement or turning into impaired when you’ve got one too many, however it does offer you a leg up on curing a possible hangover.

I’ve to say, I’m a devotee of fine pink wine with dinner and by no means against a martini or two (or three) with a steak after I’m out with my husband for an evening in town. However I’m additionally a super-busy mother with a full-time job, which suggests I’m all for something that may make my mornings simpler. Once I learn the elements in Over EZ, they made sense to me. There’s vitamin B complicated, zinc and magnesium, which creates a powerhouse mixture for muscle restoration and sustaining well being. Each are nutritional vitamins that I might cobble collectively in my own residence cures to fight the whole lot from a chilly to—sure, a hangover.

However what makes Over EZ completely different and simpler is that it’s a two-phase time-release pill that you just take when you’re consuming. In any case, I by no means plan to overdo it—it simply appears to occur. Section one of many pill releases zinc, magnesium and L-cysteine to guard and forestall injury to the liver and scale back hangover signs. Section two has nutritional vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, together with beet juice and different pure herbs like milk thistle, to assist the physique flush out toxins.

Not like aspirin, ibuprofen or different ache relievers, whose labels warn of potential liver injury when taken inside hours of consuming alcohol, Over EZ claims to naturally neutralize your physique’s response to acetaldehyde, one of many main toxins that may make an individual really feel hungover. It does this by stimulating the manufacturing of counteractive enzymes within the liver that break down alcohol and assist fight a hangover.

Does it work? I attempted out Over EZ out on a three-martini bender after I hit the karaoke spot with the hubs. Miraculously, it labored for me! Despite the fact that I used to be nowhere close to my mental peak the morning after, there was no headache or upset abdomen as a memento of the night time earlier than. So in case you’re feeling a bit naughty this New Yr’s Eve, Over EZ may assist make New Yr’s Day a bit nicer.


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