Individuals take their food-themed emoji very severely, which is why the web is in fairly the uproar since author Thomas Baekdal tweeted the next:

Actually, this tweet brought about such a kerfuffle that Google CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned he would “drop all the pieces” to deal with the problem if “people can agree” on how a burger ought to be assembled. (So it may not occur.)

Actually, I’m fairly scandalized by Google’s configuration. Placing the cheese beneath the patty is simply foolish. Everybody is aware of cheese ought to be positioned on prime of the meat whereas it’s nonetheless sizzling on the grill to make sure correct melt-age. In addition to that, inserting a slice of dairy beneath an already greasy burger is simply asking for a too-soft and soggy backside bun.

Apple’s emoji, nevertheless, isn’t fairly proper both. Although I recognize the hassle to maintain the underside bun from sogging out by the intelligent placement of greenery, doing so can lead to grease pooling inside the valleys of the lettuce, which is gross. Plus, the entire level of lettuce is to offer texture, so wilting it with hamburger grease is a no-go. Due to this fact, the right technique to stack a cheeseburger is as follows (from prime to backside): bun, lettuce, tomato, cheese, patty, bun. (Which, considerably hilariously, is the configuration of the Microsoft burger.)


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