The Twitter block is a strong instrument. Whereas muting is a delicate cleaning of your timeline—the particular person you mute by no means is aware of, although you need to marvel, how many individuals may need muted you??—blocking is Twitter’s carpet bomb.

Once you block somebody:

They can not see your tweets. You can not see theirs.You unfollow one another.In the event that they attempt to see your profile, they’ll see that you just’ve blocked them.They can not DM you.

For the complete repercussions, right here’s Twitter’s information. Proper now, I wish to deal with the DMs difficulty. As a result of this was just lately delivered to my consideration:

Blocks occur for all types of causes. Possibly somebody was being abusive. Possibly muting wasn’t robust sufficient, and also you wished to completely shield your timeline from somebody’s presence. Or perhaps you bought in a Twitter battle—in public or in DMs—and one among you will get fed up and pulls the set off. If that occurs, it’s helpful to know that any DM historical past from earlier than the blocking might be erased. Be secure: take screenshots, preserve your receipts.


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