Author Grace Spelman collects songs like they’re Legos, in a meticulously sorted sort out field. She has over 20 Spotify playlists that hint a particular idea, like False Begins/False Endings, 2000s Dialogue Opening, and her magnum opus, Songs for Quick Consideration Spans, which incorporates over 200 songs that “completely swap up within the center.” Study extra about her interest in her video interview with The Define, above.

Spelman additionally has loads of extra typical temper playlists, like sleepy music, and songs for feeling over your breakup. She additionally takes track strategies over Twitter, so if you understand horn intro, hit her up.

Metafilter customers, impressed by Grace’s playlists, considered some extra particular playlists. There’s the Truck Driver’s Gear Change, a group of songs with a determined late-stage key change. There’s four Chords, a group of songs utilizing the identical super-popular chord development ripped off of Pachelbel’s Canon, as parodied by musical comedy acts Axis of Superior and Rob Paravonian.

We discovered a couple of extra round Spotify: Whistling Songs, Songs About Butts, Songs From an Animal’s POV, and my favourite, Is This Sufjan Stevens Music Homosexual Or Simply About God. We (I) also have a few of our personal, although they’re all tiny: Songs a couple of very particular get together, songs that begin with a repeated excessive piano observe, and songs with a long-ass spoken-word story. However we might at all times use extra.


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