S. davidbowiei has face-like markings on its stomach.

Agnarsson Lab/College of Vermont

Say howdy to S. davidbowiei, an enthralling yellow spider with darkish markings. This critter is called for musician David Bowie, but it surely’s not the one certainly one of its type to obtain an fascinating title. 

A analysis workforce led by scientists on the College of Vermont and the Caribbean Biogeograpy Undertaking found 15 new species of “smiley confronted” spiders, named for the distinctive markings on their abdomens. Now a few of the spiders are named after former US President Barack Obama, former First Girl Michelle Obama, naturalist David Attenborough, US Senator Bernie Sanders, pop star David Bowie and actor Leonard DiCaprio. 

“In naming these spiders, the scholars and I needed to honor individuals who stood up for each human rights and warned about local weather change — leaders and artists who promoted smart approaches for a greater world,” mentioned lead researcher and spider skilled Ingi Agnarsson from the College of Vermont.

Spintharus berniesandersi bears a resemblance to the David Bowie spider.

Agnarsson Lab/College of Vermont

The spiders’ formal names are Spintharus barackobamai, S. michelleobamaae, S. davidattenboroughi, S. berniesandersi, S. davidbowiei and S. leonardodicaprioi. 

The bounty of latest arachnids is because of a rethinking of the spiders, which have been initially regarded as all the identical species. Researchers studied specimens present in areas starting from South Carolina to Cuba and Colombia and found quite a lot of species. Agnarsson says the spiders are laborious to inform aside by seems to be alone, however DNA knowledge reveals they’re distinct.  

Not each spider within the bunch bought a star title. The researchers named a few of the different newly found species after relations.

The workforce printed its findings this week within the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society with the title “A radiation of the ornate Caribbean ‘smiley-faced spiders’, with descriptions of 15 new species.”


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