You wish to purchase the most effective turkey for your loved ones or your Friendsgiving, however turkeys are available in a variety of costs, and it’s robust to know which of them are value the additional money. Listed here are two labels you positively shouldn’t pay further for: “no hormones” and “cage free.”

“No hormones” is meaningless as a result of all turkeys offered within the US are grown with out added hormones. Hormones are utilized in dairy cattle to get them to make extra milk; they’re not a factor in turkey, hen, or pork manufacturing. You’ll see some positive print on that turkey label that states “Federal rules prohibit using hormones.”

Right here’s one other ineffective label: “cage free.” That phrase means one thing for those who’re shopping for eggs, since laying hens are sometimes confined in small cages. However there’s no level to cages for those who’re elevating turkeys or chickens for his or her meat; you simply allow them to run round in a barn (technically, a “rearing home”).


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