Are you worried about the annoying performance of your battery.? Are you facing other charging problem with your laptop.? Do you really want to know How to save battery life.? This article below will cover all the questions related to issues with your battery life and charging. People around the world often search for the solution to their battery issues. Most of the people think the reason behind the problems with battery is overcharging. Let me make clear the primary cause behind problems with batteries, “Overcharging doesn’t harm your battery instead your battery is severely affected by the overheating of your machine.”

The battery is the most important part of portable devices. People often ignore battery related issues, but one must know that battery plays an important role in the performance of your system . Below some basics about battery functionality.


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Battery Functionality.

Laptop batteries are mostly made of lithium ion or lithium polymer. Such batteries never allow overcharging as soon as the battery complete its charging to 100% it stop charging. It means keeping your laptop plugin after full charging will not harm your computer. Continuous discharging is one of the biggest enemies of battery life. Continuous Discharging reduces battery life rapidly.

 Here is what Google says about how to save battery life:



And  for those people who thinks overcharging kills battery life:



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Steps to keep your battery safe


1. Never discharge your laptop battery after charging it completely, and if someone wants to have an extended life battery, he must keep battery charging percentage between 40% to 80%.

2. Overcharging will never affect your battery life, instead of paying attention towards overcharging. One must regularly check for the overheating of his laptop.
3. Regularly check cooling fan of your notebook while it’s working properly. Cooling fan keeps the temperature of your notebook at a moderate level, and it will never let your computer overheat.
The conclusion of this article is one must keep his laptop at average temperature. It not only help the user in keeping his battery secure but will also the laptop from other hanging issues.

Hope this article will assist you out of problems with your battery and overheating of your machine. And don’t forget to follow the three steps given below it will not only help you out of the battery issues but will also solve many issues of your laptop. Give a share to this article and let your friends find the solution to the problems with their battery.


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