Search engines provide the result to the searches perform by users around the world. People from all over the world use different search engines to access the World Wide Web. Famous search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. All search engines work almost by same functionality. In this article, we will learn about working a search engine on World Wide Web.

The Search engine uses different components to provide its users with the exact result of their searches or we can say search engine has to move through various steps to provide its user the data of his desire. Some of the main stages through which a search engine has to pass are given below.

1. Crawling 

A crawler is a software also known as Spider or Googlebot, crawler fetches together all the web pages link to a website. The process by which crawler fetch web pages together from a website is called crawling. These crawler move around all the time on Wide World Wide web and whenever they see some new stuff they just fetch it from that particular website and inform the search engine about the availability of that specific data on the internet.  

2. Indexing

Crawler fetches the data from web pages and asks the search engine about the availability of that particular type of data on the internet. Indexing also plays a major role in managing the data fetch by crawler in a proper way so that people can easily access it. Indexing is a process of creating the index of web pages fetch by the crawler and manage it into a giant database which can be accessed later. By now Google search engine has the biggest databases. Where Google is storing all the web pages of World Wide Web, and people are accessing it quickly form any part of the world.


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     Processing contains all the functionality by which a search engine crawl and index the data in a proper way. Almost all the web pages of World Wide Web stored into a giant database of the search engine. The user can just use any browser to connect to a search engine of his desire, the search engine will provide the exact result to his searches. Search engine access data from a web page which is suitably optimized according to the search engine. The title, description, keywords, alt tag, h1 tag, etc. play a major role in search engine optimization of the web page.

4. Retrieving Result

In this step, the user can retrieve the result of his searches. Whenever the user makes a request to the web browser. The web browser asks the search engine whether it has that particular data related to the search of the user. The search engine will respond to the user request by providing the data of his choice.

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