World wide web is providing its users around the world bundles of data related to all aspects of life. People from all over the world using it and getting the data of their desire. In this article, I will write about the web server, its working, user request and server respond and HTTP transaction. 

What is a web server?

“Web servers are computers that provide web pages on world wide web when we browse for specific search on the internet”. Every web server has a IP address, and a domain name is used to recognize the web server.
For example, when we enter the URL “” in our browser, the browser makes a request to the web server for a domain name “” having a page called as  “homepage.” The server fetches the domain name and responds by providing the particular page mentioned with a domain name.
The web server store, process, and deliver the web pages to its users.

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What is HTTP?

Tim Berners-Lee implemented HTTP(Hypertext transfer protocol) in CERN. HTTP is an application layer protocol. The default port for this protocol is 80.

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The communication between a server and client takes place by the use of HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), pages delivered by the web server is often HTML documents containing images, text, stylesheets, scripts, etc.
Multiple web server can also be used to drive the huge amount of traffic. Lots of famous companies are using multiple web servers to provide the users with comfort.


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HTTP is a stateless protocol; it means if a user makes a new request then it will be entirely independent of the previous request  (it does not have any relation with the previous request).

If a user makes a series of requests and responses, then it is called as a session in HTTP.

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol ) is also used while making an HTTP request. It is used to establish a connection to the application layer port 80 used by HTTP.


HTTP Transaction

HTTP is a protocol of server/client. The files are stored on server and client make an HTTP request to fetch these files.
In our everyday surfing by using the browsers like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc. are clients. We make an HTTP request to the server by using a browser. We identify the files on the server by using a specific URL  and the server responds to our request by delivering HTML document, file or images. In case there is no data on server related to our search the server will show an error “file not found.”

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