This artist’s idea reveals what Haumea would seem like with its newly found ring.


The gas-giant planets in our photo voltaic system all have rings, although Saturn’s spectacular array is the most effective recognized of the bunch. Researchers on the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia have discovered one other ring-around-a-planet, however this time it belongs to the oddball dwarf planet Haumea.

Haumea lives out within the neighborhood of Pluto, our most well-known dwarf planet, in an space past Neptune’s orbit referred to as the Kuiper Belt. In keeping with NASA, Haumea is roughly the scale of Pluto, but it surely rotates quickly on its axis. It has an elongated kind that makes it nearer to a rugby ball than a basketball in form. The icy dwarf planet takes 284 years to finish its orbit across the solar.

The ring discovery comes from a collaborative effort to look at the dwarf planet when it handed in entrance of a star in January. Twelve telescopes positioned at 10 totally different European observatories took a glance in the course of the occasion. The researchers noticed a dimming brought on by the primary physique of the dwarf planet, but additionally seen briefer dimmings earlier than and after, which signifies the presence of a dense ring.

“It’s the first time a hoop has been found round a trans-neptunian object, and it reveals that the presence of rings may very well be far more frequent than was beforehand thought, in our Photo voltaic System in addition to in different planetary techniques,” says a press release from the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia.

Lead researcher José Luis Ortiz suggests the ring may have fashioned from a collision or from “the dispersal of floor materials because of the planet’s excessive rotational pace.” 

The analysis staff printed its findings on-line Wednesday within the journal Nature underneath the title “The scale, form, density and ring of the dwarf planet Haumea from a stellar occultation.” 

An animated video reveals us what Haumea and its ring would possibly seem like:


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