According to Webopedia, Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans. From its name we can observe it is the combination of two words, artificial and intelligence, here artificial is any non-natural thing, and intelligence is the ability to understand, think, and learn.

So, here we can say AI is a computer program that can make the decision, analyze the data and think like a human but in an artificial way.

The base of artificial intelligence evolves around four subjects, i.e. psychology, philosophy, mathematics, and linguistics.

Recently CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg developed a virtual intelligence know as Jarvis which also work on the basis of artificial intelligence. Natural language processing and facial recognition capabilities were built into Jarvis, enabling it to understand spoken or texted commands and recognize who is issuing them.


The Turing test is a test, by Alan Turing in 1950, developed Turing test. The purpose of this test to prove that a machine can act humanely. After Turing test, a large number of researcher start working on make machines act as the human. The term AI was introduced in 1956 by John McCarthy at the (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was soon adopted by many AI researchers and is still in use today.


Artificial intelligence is a computer program that can make the decision, analyze the data and think like the human. It can also guide the person by above-mentioned data.

Views in artificial intelligence forced into four categories

Thinking Humanly
Acting Humanly
Thinking Rationally
Acting Rationally
These views mean we can build a system which can think and act like the human by using artificial intelligence. And here thinking and acting rationally means a machine which can think sensibly and wisely.

AI has now become an essential part of the technology world. Researchers from all around the world are interacting towards AI. It is associated with technical and specialized research. The main issues of artificial intelligence include programming computers for certain components such as:

Problem Solving
Ability to manipulate and move objects
We can also say, it is an artificial brain that is running with the help of code and programming algorithms.




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Applications of Artificial intelligence

Some of the applications of artificial intelligence in today’s world AI has many applications, are given below;

Customer service is replaced with AI bots.

Online Customer Support

Smart Cars

Video Games

Security Surveillance

Music and Movie Recommendation Services

Health cares watches and other devices that can analyze your activities. AI can keep you updated on your health and other personal issues. It can also help you efficiently in resolving these matters.


The present era is the era of AI. The Bank of England estimates that 48% of human workers will be replaced by robotics and software automation. And ArkInvest predicts that 76 million U.S. jobs will disappear in the next two decades. Employees will be replaced by robots in the near future. It can prove dangerous for employees who are working in different organizations. According to some researchers, robots are faster than human in many cases. But wait a moment ‘bad things always come with good things’.
So, here are my views about artificial intelligence. If you want to add your opinion or want any improvement, then let me know in comment section below. I will really appreciate your response. And don’t forget to share with your fellows.


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