In olden days, scarlet fever would rip by means of cities killing kids. (In fiction, it killed one out of 4 Little Girls and threatened not less than one velveteen rabbit proprietor.) This illness has by no means gone away, however now it’s on the upswing in Asia and the UK.

Instances of scarlet fever tripled in England in 2014 and are actually at a 50-year excessive, in accordance with analysis revealed in Lancet Infectious Illnesses. This surge follows a extreme spike in scarlet fever instances in South Korea, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong.

Why although?

Theresa Lamagni, lead creator of the examine, advised STAT that her crew quantified the development however has no concept of the trigger. “We’re left pondering what on earth it might be. We don’t have a solution for the time being.”

Potential causes are antibiotic resistance, or a development among the many micro organism to provide the scarlet fever toxin extra usually than they used to, only for funsies.

How do folks get scarlet fever?

Scarlet fever truly comes from the identical type of micro organism that causes strep throat: Streptococcus pyogenes. Impetigo, a contagious rash that strikes younger kids, can also be attributable to the identical germ.

The primary signs of scarlet fever are a fever (duh), generally strep throat, and a attribute scarlet rash with a sandpapery texture that begins on the neck and spreads downward. Like strep throat, it spreads by means of coughs and sneezes.

Can we blame this on anti-vaxxers?

Sorry, no. There isn’t a vaccine for scarlet fever. (One was developed way back, but it surely didn’t work very properly. It has since been deserted, as a result of the illness may be cured by antibiotics.)

Is scarlet fever rising within the US, too?

Not that we all know of. Docs don’t should report instances of scarlet fever to the CDC, so we don’t have information on what number of instances there have been. Thus far, although, no person has famous an uptick within the US.

Is scarlet fever lethal?

With out remedy, it may be. Again within the days of the velveteen rabbit, the illness might be deadly in 30 % of instances.

Right now, although, we now have antibiotics. If you happen to assume your youngster has scarlet fever (or if, after studying this, you’re satisfied that that zit in your neck is the beginning of a sandpapery scarlet rash), name the physician.


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