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Everybody ought to have a wide-mouth canning funnel. It’s a daring proposition, I do know. You don’t even can, in all probability. Actually, I don’t can. Furthermore, I’ve no plans to can. I don’t have a strong tomato crop to protect, for one factor, and in addition I’m nervous about hobbies that may give me botulism. (This is because of my very own lack of vigilance; canning is nice!)

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And but the funnel has, within the years because it has entered my kitchen, turn out to be one of many most-used items of kit within the place. It is because a wide-mouthed canning funnel is the key to effectively storing leftovers.

I’m a leftover fanatic. I’m additionally a giant fan of storing these leftovers in glass jars (peanut butter or pickle, relying on amount). Glass jars are glorious containers, each as a result of their contents are seen and since they’re free. However — right here is the issue — transferring the meals from pot to jar is inevitably messy. For years, I imagined that shedding a number of chickpeas and making a small puddle on the counter was merely the price of being a virtuous, leftover-eating individual of the world. It’s not.

It’s not, or at the least it doesn’t need to be, due to the magic that’s an $11-wide-mouth canning funnel. I’m a fan of this one, although it is kind of similar to each different stainless-steel wide-mouth canning funnel on Amazon. Right here is how you utilize it: put together your jar, stick within the funnel. That’s all. In my post-funnel life, I’ve not spilled a single drop of soup. I’ve not misplaced a noodle. There have been no stir-fry mishaps, or errant tofu cubes. You may simply scoop the stuff in willy-nilly — shut your eyes, pour straight from the pot, jam it in there along with your palms, there are not any guidelines right here!—and all of it slides down into the jar, splash-free. I notice, penning this out, that it appears apparent—guiding the contents of 1 vessel into the smaller mouth of one other vessel is actually what funnels do—and but I’ve not truly seen anybody else make use of one for this objective. They’re lacking out.

An vital notice: whereas soups and stews are the apparent candidates for funneling, you may truly funnel something that may finally match into the jar, as long as the funnel-mouth is extensive sufficient. Funnel flour, or lentils. I simply funneled meatballs!

Do you want a wide-mouth canning funnel? I imply, no, in all probability not. I’m certain it’s doable to stay a totally completely happy and affluent life wiping up minor spills. However there are so few issues we will management about our lives; the trajectory of our soup needs to be one among them.


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